List of all known bugs, issues, and upcoming fixes

DecriptionCategoryWork aroundApply to Release
Pan Slider: reset to middle reset the cursor but not the actual panning settingBugAfter resetting the pan slider to middle, move slightly the slider and bring it back to the center. Alternatively, always reset the pan slider manually. Before 2.4.1
Some plugin preset are not reloaded properlyMajor bugUse release 2.4.0 and higherBefore 2.4.0
The function concept in Release 2.3.0 has been reported to have some bugsMajor bug for function concept in the scripting languageDon’t use the function concept. A new release will fix this problem soon2.3.0
Free tempo mode not working properly for audio loopsMajor bugUse release 2.0.6 or 2.1.8 and higher2.1.1 to 2.1.7
VST3 Plugins not working in LoopToGo:
NeuralAmpModelerPlugin prior to release 0.7.3 (sound is erratic)
– Please inform us of any VST3 plugins not working properly
Compatibility bugNeuralAmpModelerPlugin 0.7.3 now works in LoopToGo. Make sure you have the lastest release of NAMP!All releases
A few VST3 plugins do not work properly in LoopToGo due to communication problem between the UI and the DSP. The result is some part of the UI not working properly
Known plugins not working properly:
– SonicProjects plugins
Compatibility bugThis bug has been fixed in 1.15.6Before 1.15.6
Use of paths with shortcuts (.lnk) in it might cause LoopToGo to freeze Major bug This issue has been fixed in 2.0.0. Before 2.0.0
Use of plugin midi mapping along with recycle bin lead to multiple mapping assignation and huge file. When files get too big, LoopToGo takes more and more time to load song and a crash can even occur. Major bugUpgrade to 1.14.5 and higher or disable use of recycle bin (available for release 1.14.) or don’t use midi mapping for plugins.
Between 1.13.0 and 1.14.4
Jumping to different sections while in jam mode is not really usable.
Release 1.15.0 fixes this issue.
LoopToGo BehaviorDon’t use Section jumping as a way to live perform or at least make sure it works well with the structure of your song. Before 1.15.0
Playing a midi note at the end of a loop just before jumping to another loop can lead to unwanted results. (Before means in the « Pre Record midi time »).
Release 1.15.0 fixes this issue.
BugThere is no real workaround but to avoid to play a note in before a jump to a new loop. Note that the « Pre record Midi time » can be set in the Song/metronome configuration dialog. Before 1.15.0
Use of recycle bin – a feature to accelerate loading of song on a live show – can lead to weird behavior for some plugins and in some cases, LoopToGo can crash. This is due to a bad implementation of default parameter values or setState() method for some plugins. The crash will occur when deleting a plugin (a chain, a song) or when duplicating a track.
Please, let us know if you are aware of a plugin with this problem. We will contact the vendor.
Bug1 – Make sure you have the latest plugin release. In many cases, this will fix the issue
2 – Upgrade to LoopToGo 1.15.0 or higher and disable the use of the recycle bin (in Preferences/Plugins).
1.13.0 and higher
In release 1.14.3, use of Recycle bin is disabled by default. reenabling it can cause the bug with some plugins.

From 1.15.0, the recycle bin (when enabled) is only used when loading songs or chains (not for new songs or chains or when dragging plugin from the plugin view). This solve most of the problematic cases. Please let us know if a plugin is not compatible with the use of recycle bin.
LoopToGo does not work properly on some computers (only showing a black window). Release 1.9.4 and higher fixes this problem.Bug for some computersUpgrade LoopToGo to 1.9.4 or higher1.8.0 to 1.9.3
Fixed from 1.9.4

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