Installation instructions

Installation via EXE file
  • Download the EXE file to your computer drive (see Download page).
  • Double-click on the exe file and follow the instructions.
  • Get ready to have fun!

Note : some antivirus will flag the installer (EXE file) as a virus. These are known as false positives. If you have any doubt, you can do the installation manually with the ZIP file.

Installation via ZIP file
  • Download the ZIP file to your computer drive ((see Download page).
  • Optionally, check the ZIP file on to confirm its safety.
  • Extract it to any folder on your computer.
  • Start LoopToGo by double clicking on LoopToGo.exe.
  • (Optional) Create a desktop link to LoopToGo.exe.
Getting started

See the tutorials for a video on how to get started.

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